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28.29.30 JULY 2023

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Line up


Cecco e Cipo (IT) • Max TenRoM (FR) • BUNNYBLACK (IT)

Los Bitchos (UK) • YOU MAN b2b KIMSHIES (FR) • Lagartijeando (AR) • Dr Manish Plaha (UK)

KLANGPHONICS (DE) • Dengue Dengue Dengue (PE) • Go Dugong (IT) • Libero (IT)

Ben Bogor (NL) • cal (NL) • D.D.A (BE) • Dj Mahsoo (IR) • Francesca Inghilleri (IT) • Jose Fagiani (GT) • Luca Viola-Nuur Collective (IT) • paulie.v (IT) • Pit Krew (BE) • Pudel Poumons (AL) • Rataplan (BE) • Vincenzo Allotta (IT)

...and many more


What is Tinca Timpa Festival?

Tinca Timpa is the first international music festival in the Sicani Mountains, the Sicilian inland between Prizzi (PA) and Santo Stefano Quisquina (AG). Three days of music, events and activities. A stage overlooking the lake, which will host Italian and international artists and DJs. A camping area for a true experience to connect with nature. The most authentic Sicily, its flavours and people to frame the experience.
Tinca Timpa Festival comes from the idea of a young people group, who share one goal: taking care of their land and proof that, even in the most remote places of Sicily, great ideas can come to life.

Why the name "Tinca Timpa"?

As often occurs in small villages like ours, people from surrounding villages give each other a nickname with a bad connotation. We took the two negative nicknames used for people from our villages, and turned them into something new, brave and positive that we decided to create!


“Because dreaming big is possible even here,

in the hidden heart of Sicily”

By Plane

Closest airports to Tinca Timpa Festival are Palermo Punta Raisi Airport (2 hours) and Trapani-Birgi Airport (2.5 hours). If you’re planning to reach us by public transport, Palermo airport is the best option. In case you’re planning to rent a car, you can choose the cheapest flight from whichever airport!


By Bus

You can get from Palermo to Santo Stefano Quisquina by the bus line Palermo-Cianciana served by the bus company Prestia & Comandè. The same company operates the route Palermo - Airport. You can get from Palermo to Prizzi by the bus company AST.


By Train

The closest train station to Tinca Timpa is Cammarata-San Giovanni (45 mins), reachable from Palermo. You can check the timetable on Trenitalia website. If you arrive by train, we’ll arrange a shuttle service for an extra fee, which you can book and will take you to Tinca Timpa.

"Lu chianu di lu strammu", Contrada Leone, 90030 Castronovo di Sicilia PA, Italy


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Explore the nature of Sicani Mountains.



Visit the Sicilian inland like and with locals

Panda Tours


Feel the music and the rhythm in you

Ecstatic Dance

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A ceremony to enjoy our magic sunsets



Take care of your body and soul




Adriana B

Alberto M

Alessandro C

Alessandro C

Alessandro F

Alessandro S

Alessandro V

Alessia L

Alexandra M

Alyssa F

Andrea B

Andrea C

Angelino C

Angelo M

Anita F

Anna T F

Antonello P A

Antonino M

Antonino M

Axel B

Bas J

Bianca G

Carla P

Carlo B

Castrense M

Cecilia M

Chiara L

Chris B

Christian R

Christian S

Claudia L

Claudio M

Filippo D

Daniela C

Daniela T

Daniele V

Daniele M

Dario N

Egle U

Elena G

Eleonora A

Eleonora N

Elida F

Elisabetta Z

Emira B A

Enrica M C

Enrico G

Enrico S

Epifania L P

Evelien A

Fabrizio V

Federica L

Federica S

Federico B

Federico M

Mary M

Francesca C

Francesca G

Francesca G

Francesco C

Francesco L B

Francesco T

Gabriele C

Gabriele C

Gaëlle D

Georgia Z

Giampiero L

Gianfranco M

Gianina C

Giorgio F

Giorgio Maria D

Giorgio M

Giovanni G L

Giovanni C

Giovanni Giordano C

Giovanni P

Giovanni T

Giulia O

Giuseppe A

Giuseppe C

Giuseppe G

Giuseppe L

Giuseppe L

Giuseppe M

Giuseppe M

Giuseppe R

Giuseppe A

Giuseppe B

Giuseppe D L

Giuseppe F

Giuseppe G

Giuseppe L

Giuseppe M

Giuseppe P

Giusy G L

Guggio Vale e Maria

Henrik H H

Ignazio V

Ilaria D

Ilenia G

Ilenia R

Irene A

Irene L B

Ivan V

Jacopo Z

Jakobe G

Jessica I

Jorik E

Jose F

Kevin V

Klejton H

Leonardo M

Lisa S

Loredana L B


Nicolas S

Paola R

Patrizia D

Peter H

Pierfilippo S

Pietro V

Pinuccia G

Rita C

Roberto L

Rosa B

Rosalia G L

Rosalia L

Rosellina C

Salvatore C

Salvatore P

Salvatore B

Salvatore C

Salvatore P

Sander B

Sara G

Sara S

Selene M

Serena C

Sergio A

Sietse V D W


Silvia M

Silvia R

Simona G

Sina H

Siw F

Sugandh C

Teresa L C

Umberto A

Valentijn V D S

Valentina L

Valentina P

Valerio G

Loredana R

Lorena G L

Lorena L B

Luca C

Luca M

Lucas W

Lucia P A

Lucia T

Luis F

Lydia B

Mahsa K

Manfredi P

Manuel R

Marco D

Marco L

Margot G

Maria C

Maria C P

Maria Grazia I

Maria Lucia L

Maria Rosa L P

Mariangela L

Mariangela M

Marta C

Marta D V

Marta M

Martina F

Martina V

Martina V

Matteo C

Mattia M

Maura A

Mirko B

Nadia B A

Nanou D

Natale A

Nicola B

Nicola P

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